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11 days ago
The Declaration of the Golden Empire Reborn

His Majesty, Emperor Choo, has named Furious_G Chancellor of the Imperial Treasury hereafter.

12 days ago
The Declaration of the Golden Empire Reborn

A treaty has been agreed to with MFHKiwi and venne. Kiwi and I have agreed to peace and a full alliance.

With venne, his town and base shall be incorporated into the GE as territory, and venne is now Prime Minister.

14 days ago
The Declaration of the Golden Empire Reborn

"On this day, November 14, 2020...

I, Choo, declare the formation and rebirth of the Golden Empire. The growing threat of the Vibe Empire shall not, will not, and can not be ignored. That is why the GE must exist to counter. Even though the Golden Empire had died in 2019, the vision and idea of it had never wavered  nor faded. I extend my hand in friendship to New Ironhaven, as a continuation in our alliance from all those years ago. Let the Vibe Empire wave upon our shores. Let them come as a tide upon the sea. Let them come, and let them perish upon our blades. Long live His Majesty, and long live Goldaria.

~Signed, His Majesty of Goldaria, Choo.

4 months ago


thats what i've been trying to figure about bro

but how

4 months ago
Survival Plans?

Haven't played much 1.16 so I'm prob gonna be in the nether a lot.

Might make a town or smth, idk.