20 days ago

This is a small update:

Just to let you know, that survival has released

You can join right now at and 

Lobby & CubTime Spectator Server Released
21 days ago

Lobby has been unwhitelisted and the CubTime Spectator server has been released.
Survival will likely open Saturday the 3rd at 3 EST. 
All Updates are posted on discord:

Staff Applications
2 months ago

Pedestria | Staff Applications



-You must be at least 13 years of age

-You must have at least 3 forums posts

-You ...

Pedestria | Forum Rules
2 months ago


Pedestria | Forum Rules



1. No Necroposting
2. Do not post two replies in a row, edit your first post instead.
3. No Advertisment
4. No death threats and or self harm encouragement (includes kys)

What happened to Pedestria?
2 months ago

One of our former developers, Incognito//OnlyProxyJoin resigned and deleted all our files.  We have to remake the server from scratch.  To prevent future incidents we are now backing up the server daily.  We are trying to reopen this weekend but there is no gaurantee. These forums are not yet complete, there is still plenty of work to be done.

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